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As summer demands we expose our much-abused feet, we reveal how five of Londons best podiatrists treat common problems...

A state registered podiatrist and chiropodist who specialises in biomechanics (looking at the way we walk and run) and podopediatrics (childrens feet). He does everything from treating minor foot ailments to actual surgery.

The Problem: Fungal nail infection

The Cause: Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis) occurs when the fungus invades the skin beneath the nail itself. Once there, it feeds on dead skin cells and starts to grow. Fungal nail infections affect almost five per cent of the UK population. Most types of infection are harmless but generally thrive on warm, dark, moist conditions and may be caused by trauma to the nail, inflammation from an ingrowing toenail or untreated athletes foot.

The Treatment: Proper hygiene habits are a good means of prevention. Your Podiatrist can routinely cut out the nail fungus and clipping can be sent for microbiology to identify the exact type of fungus. Infections are best treated with antifungal tablets such as Terbinafine, and/or topical lacquers such as Amorolfine or Tioconazole for a few months. They can also do a homeopathic treatment using marigold therapy that involves applying a special cultured marigold plant extract onto the nail on a weekly basis.

Ouch factor: In severe cases, they surgically remove the nail, but this is always done under a local anaesthetic. A course of anti-fungal medication follows while the nail grows back.

Price and contact: Medical Pedicure, £50 (medicines are extra)

Feet for Life, 18 Wimpole Street, W1